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April 21, 2012
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Your move, Shepard by neehs Your move, Shepard by neehs
Painting corners ain't that bad!

So, it seems Shepard got her pants back too! Something else appears to have gotten her full attention though..
Liara is such a showoff :c

One more and this silly series is over,

Final bit: [link]
Previous bit: [link]

Updated; lil bit brighter to match the previous ones.
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Bad girls: who's worse?  :) (Smile)
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Damn Liara is hot
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Liara has a nice ass
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WHy is Liara's but pink? Did she get a spanking? :P
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Dat blue!! LOL
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["My" Zhenia answers her, speaking in Tyann'asyárriyhha learned for her sake:]

Every time I kill it is in your name.

Every time I watch you fight, I want to make love.

Every breath I take it is for you, every time I see you I want to write you another love-poem.

Every breath of your voice I cry at its beauty.

When I saw that bomb I severed their limbs and I cut them into pieces while they were still alive, weeping and bellowing your name [crying so hard I could not see the screen] and the pieces of Vasir, I bit a vein from her and spat her blood and in the sight of the one who sent her there, threw down organs that I had taken from her.

I will find the secret of another Way, if there be no relays. The Reapers teleportation without relays ... I will find it even if I must cut it from the entrails of our enemies. From my Earth, I WILL FIND YOU AND I WILL COME BACK TO YOU OR I DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE. I WILL. Little blue children. To death and past it. The refugees crying for aid, no trade, no food, no life, no hope. I will help you help them.

I ordered you to the escape pod. You are not a soldier, but a civilian, you were never Sworn as we. But you showed ritual respect to me, though not required by custom. You did not say yes, nor did you say do I have to, nor did you say as you wish. You said aye aye. That will echo in me until my last moment.

I wept. [I indeed did.]

My poems:

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